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Yoga makes you high. Breathing rhythmically for an hour will give you a buzz. The practice of matching breath to movement allows you to enter a moving meditation or ‘flow state’ which is what makes you feel so good after, and the reason people keep coming back. All the headstand stuff is a bonus. Expect to get sweaty and uplifted, with loads of hands-on help.

Terri in childs pose on her yoga mat

Dirty mat, clean head

Five years of teaching full time has taught me how to read the room and cater to whoever walks through the door. We cover a wide range of poses in every class, working toward a ‘master pose’, matching breath to movement in a moving meditation. I nurture a low-pressure environment and offer straightforward, alignment-based instruction with lots of takeaways so you can quickly build confidence and develop a self-practice that is unique to your body’s needs. 

One of Terri's yoga classes in Lammas Park

Yoga in the Park

Gunnersbury Park, Lammas Park & Walpole Park every summer from April to September

Terri in camel pose


Yoga Indoors. Weekly classes at The Navasartian Centre, OPENealing & Gymbox

Terri in a forward fold teaching an online yoga class

on Zoom

Join a live class from home or sign up to my newsletter for weekly recorded classes and practice at a time and place that suits you.


Terri is an incredible yoga teacher. She puts so much care and attention to making every class unique, creating new flows that focus on different elements and always has a new trick up her sleeve to keep us on our toes! Dynamic, invigorating classes all served up with a sense of humour, that make you feel great and want to come back for more. What I love most is that Terri is a genuine, lovely person who ensures her class are accessible to all levels and despite being an A class teacher she charges reasonable rates so it's affordable for everyone.

- Lauren Allerton, Product Manager

Terri in tree pose variant standing in-front of her wall calendar


28 july 2021 | walpole park

From 28th July I’ll be teaching Slow Flow Vinyasa at the inaugural Ealing Fringe Festival. Perfect for beginners or those working with injury or limited range of movement. Lingering poses - plenty of time to focus on alignment. If you have your own props at home, bring them along and I’ll show you how to incorporate them into your home practice.

Yoga Gunnersbury Park
TBC 2023 | Gunnersbury Park

YGP is on hiatus this year while Gunnersbury Park Museum clear their backlog of wedding bookings. We’ll be back in 2022 but in the meantime if you yearn for the outdoors you can find me in Lammas Park until late September.
Terri on her mat in a loose twist

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